$12.00 AUD /month

The Daily Beacon is an e-version of the much loved Bible Study Diary. Once subscribed, you will receive daily emails with the scriptures to read for the day, for both Personal and Family reading enabling your resolution to read the Bible in one year to become a reality.


  • Supporting quotes for Family Reading from JT’s ministry.


  • Super strong quality
  • Audio Option
    Option to have the scriptures read out to you at the click of a button! Ideal for those who travel, or even the busy housewife.
  • Access To Scriptures
    Scriptures can be accessed on your phone or computer by clicking on the scripture. How easy is that?
    Key Dates in the recovery from the Kalispell Calendar

Did you know You can click on scriptures sent to your phone and the passage of the Bible will appear on your screen.


Daily Beacon

Options for two annual reading plans: Chronological or Cover to Cover


  • Audio Download
  • Text to voice via phone
  • Scriptures accessible through phone or computer
  • Daily Email highlighting significant dates from the recovery.

$12.00 AUD/month

One Time Pay