Frequently Asked Questions

If your Beacon is not coming through it may be that you have missed the step to signed up. This needs to be done after purchasing the Beacon. During sign up you will set your email address and the time that you would like to receive the Beacon. To sign up, please use this link: click to set email address

The Daily Beacon runs inside the calendar year. If you have successfully signed up, you can expect your first email to come through on January 1, 2021.

Hobart is the correct time zone to select for those in AEST. Ie, Sydney and Melbourne.

This is simply completed by logging into your account and then changing your payment methods. If you are having any issues with these, again, please contact us here: click to contact us

Cover to Cover Plan: read the books of the Bible through in the order that they are – Genesis to Revelation
Chronological Plan: follows closely the sequence of events from the Bible.